ePreschool Program

Virtual Preschool Serving
Hesperia, CA and the High Desert

ePreschool Program

Virtual Preschool Serving Hesperia, CA and the High Desert

Children in our ePreschool Program get the same level of care, support and opportunity to learn and slowly build their social interaction skills. Like our traditional preschool setup, we believe that kids learn better by discovering, exploring and learning through play. Our online curriculum follows the same lesson plans & activities that our on premise students go through.

The lessons are interactive, with simple age-appropriate instructions and engaging activities to reinforce the lesson plans and themes for the week. These themes are introduced using stories or songs and are then followed up by activities.

ePreschool Benefits

Daily virtual zoom classrooms

Daily 20 - 45 minutes virtual circle time to introduce the lessons and themes for the day. These are led and facilitated by the same  credentialed preschool teachers we have in the center. 

Weekly Theme activities

The online preschool curriculum is structured around themes such as sounds, colors, alphabets, numbers, tools, food, etc. Each of these themes  vary each week.

supplied parent - child activities

We believe that parents are the first teachers of any child. On top of the activities that the kids are doing during their virtual circle time, we also supply parents with activities they can use to reinforce the lessons with their children.

Access to our J4K TV (Pre-recorded preschool activities)

Activities  performed inside our school are pre-recorded for you and your child to further enhance and  encourage your child's  curiousity being in a real life school.

Hybrid format: virtual / traditional Preschool option

We  provide flexibility for our parents to bring in their children in our physical school and get familiarized with the concepts of having real life classmates, teachers and friends!

FAQs - ePreschool

The virtual circle time will vary in length depending on the age group you belong to. They range from 20 minutes to 45 minutes in length.
There will be activity packet that will be provided each Friday for the following week’s lesson plans. Most of these can be printed at home or if you need some assistance, you can let us know and we’ll prepare the packet which you can pick up from our front office.
We highly encourage our parents to immerse their kids once or twice a week in the center. This will allow them to have a better experience in their online classes as well as prepare them for the big school.
You have to pre-arrange your schedule with the front office two week prior. We are mandated by State of California’s Child Care Licensing to maintain child to teacher ratio and we have to make sure that your child is part of our ratio distribution during the days you wish to drop your child.
Yes, lunch is provided if you are part of the Hybrid ePreschool Program.

Our preschoolers graduate during the month of July. We have a graduation ceremony for them to receive their certificates.

We ask our parents to allocate between 45 minutes to an hour for the parent and child activities, related to the themes for the week. The pre-recorded activities in our J4K TV are for your children to watch and be inspired to be in a bigger classroom setting. It is optional if you wish to do some of the J4K TV activities.
Yes, they are recorded and are available for a later viewing if your child will not be able to join live during the virtual circle time.
Yes. If you are part of the Hybrid ePreschool Program, you will be able to join our center’s onsite activities such as Easter Egg Hunting, St. Patrick’s Parade, Thanksgiving Lunch, etc.

ePreschool vs Hybrid ePreschool


$ 56
  • Virtual Circle Time
  • Supplemental Activities
  • Weekly  Themes Curriculum
  • Parent - Child Activities
  • J4K TV Access

Hybrid ePreschool

$ 76
  • Virtual Circle Time
  • Supplemental Activities
  • Weekly  Themes Curriculum
  • Parent - Child Activities
  • J4K TV Access
  • Center Drop Off
  • Onsite Events Participation
  • Free Lunch

Parent Testimonials

My son has learned so much over the past few months. Best investment for his educational future. It has given him a head start and I am always surprised with the things he learns and brings home, such as manners, songs, alphabet and even reading! I love walking into his room one day and he was reading a book on his own. I am so grateful to his teachers who work so well with him and other staff for the welcoming positive reactions
Brittney P.
This program was way better than letting my child in front of YouTube the entire day. It made my child ready for the real life school and got him excited to see his real classmates!
Joy A.
Amazing teachers and a great learning environment. Children are taught and treated with the best quality care. The teachers give love, they respect the children as the individual little peoples that they are and make the environment an enjoyable place to be.
Tasha M.

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