Illuminating Young Minds

For A Brighter Tomorrow

The Children Entrusted to Our Care Become Model Citizens As They Learn, Laugh, and Grow

Childcare & Daycare Center Serving Hesperia, Corona & Surrounding cities

Beautiful teacher helping a cute little preschool girl molding a colored clay with plastic molding pin at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA

We Prioritize Safety
Above All Else, Always

Every parent deserves peace of mind knowing that their child is safe. This is why facilities are equipped with 24/7 CCTV recorded cameras and badge-only access to enter buildings.  Parents absolutely love the safety features they can confidently count on.

Where Every Child is
Loved, Cared For, & Safe

At Just 4 Kids Childcare, you’ll see a collaborative team effort when it comes to guiding, teaching, and caring for your child. Our ardent experts use teamwork and wholly dedicate themselves to your child, making this school the very best of the best.
Happy mother and son at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA

How Partnering With Us Positively Impacts Your Child:

Open communication builds a successful bridge between home and school. We encourage and support the inclusion of families in every possible way. Teachers and the administrative teams build personal connections with each family and depend on you for insight and information to guide how we can best support your child.  Depend on us to ensure that your family is part of your child’s learning experience!

Communication is very important to your child’s health and happiness. Between our daily emails outlining your child’s activities, monthly newsletters, journals, portfolios and progress reports; you have all the information you need to know your child is in good hands!

All information contained in a child’s personal file is considered privileged and confidential.  The confidentiality policy also applies to any oral or written communication, photographs, social networking websites, blogs and any other media used for either personal or professional use. We take our privacy very seriously.

Expect an open door policy. We encourage parents to drop in anytime to observe, participate and offer suggestions and ideas for the program. The administrative team is always available to answer questions or respond to your needs.

We understand the challenges of raising a family and the difficulty of maintaining work- life balance. Family-owned by a hard working couple, who raises a family as well, we can relate. Many of our current staff have children in our programs and raising a family of their own .  You deserve support for your family such as flexible schedules, vacation, sibling & military discounts, drop-in and early & late departure options.  We are one of the few programs that welcomes families supported by various State and County agencies.

A variety of social events and opportunities for families to get involved in the program are welcome opportunities to come together, celebrate, and have fun. These events offer families a time to meet each other and socialize, as well as time to meet our staff in a relaxed environment.

Teacher and a young little girl teaching a girl with bird hand gestures at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA

Teachers Are Irreplaceable, Compassionate, & Priceless

Our teachers are the heart of our community. They are compassionate early education leaders who value honesty, accountability and have a love for children.  Genuinely having teaching as their life’s work and calling sets the teaching team apart; they are hand-selected for their brilliance with kids.

Your Child Prepares For School With Frog Street©

A modern, research-based curriculum meets each learner where they are. Frog Street© provides simple lesson plans with a flexible framework to build strong foundations in math, literacy, and social-emotional skills so that each child is ready for kindergarten.

Happy young little kid boy while coloring and drawing on a paper with color pencils on the table at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA

Feel Confident With A 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee*

*for new enrollees only: please contact your preferred location for details

parents and little young kids holding each others hands at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA

Making Time For Dance
and Music Every Day

Music and dance are central elements of your child’s daily learning and are incorporated in the curriculum. Teachers explore sound, language, balance, and coordination with your child daily.  Enhance their learning, memory, pace, rhythm, counting, and of course, let them have fun!

Beautiful Green Spaces For Daily Outdoor Play

With shaded playgrounds with misting system and areas for sand play, your child is comfortable outdoors.  Toddlers and older tykes enjoy tricycles, riding toys, push toys, a climber with slides, and a variety of blocks, trucks, and balls for endless fresh air entertainment.

Colorful plastic playhouse with slides indoor at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA

Kids Can Move And Explore Even On Bad Weather Days

Kids love to move!  Their learning spaces are equipped with gross motor play spaces so that they never miss out on physical exercise, even on bad weather days. Physical play time throughout the day allows for better focus and concentration.

Learning Centers Are Where children Learn While At Play

Learning centers set up for pure exploratory, educational play inspire your child.  Students are encouraged to role play, dress up, and use their imagination; they practice the social-emotional skills and practical life skills they learn. Complete with pre-reading and pre-writing centers, and a “little kitchen,” these centers are the highlight of your child’s day.

Decorative room of preschoolers without children at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA
Teachers with group of multi ethnic young little kids gather around at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA

the BrightWheel App for
daily Reports and Pictures

How sweet is it to receive an update or picture of your smiling child throughout the day? For infants, this means a detailed report of diaper changes, feedings, naps, and more. For older children, expect pictures of with friends and an account of progress along with the day’s many activities.

Partake in Field Trips and Events For More Family Fun

Twice a week during the Summer, children visit local attractions such as the zoo, a library or museum.  Christmas and Holiday Programming is for the whole family, as are Mother’s and Father’s Day celebrations, Thanksgiving, Halloween Trick-or-treating, and the Easter Egg Hunt.

Cute young little girl wearing rabbit ears holding a basket full of colorful painted eggs at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA
Preschool boy and girl wearing firefighter attire with firefighting hose on a demo at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA

In-House Visits From Their Favorite Local Professionals

Dentists, doctors, firefighters, and police officers are regular visitors at our school. A sense of community and community involvement are a part of our value system, which is why we invite members of our community to visit, speak to, and connect with the community at Just 4 Kids Childcare.

Nutritious, Tasty Food So Healthy Habits Start Now

Kids love the delicious daily breakfasts, lunches, and snacks with a focus on organic ingredients whenever possible.    In partnership with California’s Child & Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), the team creates meals that meet nutrition requirements established by the USDA.  All food is included in the cost of tuition.

Happy young little preschoolers eating healthy foat a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CAods

Quality Rated For Your Confidence

The Department of Education’s Quality Counts California program is a Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS). As part of this program, you can feel assured of our ongoing commitment to early education excellence

Honesty, Trust, And Respect Shape Children's Characters

Leading by example means assuring children that it’s OK to make mistakes, that this is a natural part of learning, so long as we strive for improvement and remain faithful to the guiding principles of honesty, trust, respect, and responsibility in all of our interactions.

Happy mom with two little kiddos at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA

Refer a Friend & Save Tuition Money

As a thank you for your partnership, we offer you 3 weeks of free tuition – for you AND a friend!*
*Please contact your location for details. The three weeks of free tuition would be spread out within three months and will be deducted from their last payment for the month. If parents choose to disenroll within the three months, then the referral will be discontinued and families will be responsible for paying the balance.

About Our Owners

Alvin and Joy delight in watching children interact with each other, hugging their teachers, and having pure fun.  Their mission is to be of service, making Just 4 Kids Childcare an expression of their love of community, and held in such high esteem.  They strive to expand, to reach more minds, and to help more people.

This dynamic couple, married for 18 years, discovered the real rootedness of family by spending a full decade apart from each other, as they – Alvin first, then Joy and their children – immigrated to the U.S. from the Philippines.  At times over this ten-year separation, they found themselves and their children in three different time zones. They now recognize the true blessing that it is to be together as a family. They honor this same togetherness in their labor-of-love: their school.

With a minor in education and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, Alvin has taught from the levels of Childcare to college.  He also has an extensive background in sales and marketing. Joy has been in customer service for over 15 years. Their talents and strengths combined, along with their keen sense of family values, are what creates an engaging and supportive environment that is Just 4 Kids Childcare.  They lovingly share responsibilities and encourage their staff also to see themselves as an invaluable member of the team, doing their part.

At Just 4 Kids Childcare, we encourage creative thinking from staff and children alike, to illuminate a child’s mind and give them the absolute best education possible.

Yes, We Proudly Support Families Who Qualify For Subsidy

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do. We have a good relationship with government agencies providing support for your childcare needs. About a third of our enrolled children are subsidized by government agencies.

Per requirement of Community Care Licensing, our ratios by age are as follows:
Infant: 1 teacher per 4 children.
Toddlers / Preschool: 1 teacher per 10 children.
School Age: 1 teacher per 14 children.
All meals meet USDA requirements and we try to be as kid-friendly as possible. We are currently in the process of working out a grant from the USDA to serve organic and nutritious meals and snacks.
We use positive redirection. If we see a misbehaving student, we remove them from that situation and redirect them to a more positive one. We always use incident report forms when a child is having a hard time making better choices for himself, to inform parents.
Most of our staff have been teaching a minimum of 3 years. We do have a few new to the field but most of our teachers have an average teaching tenure of 8 – 15 years with us.
All our teachers undergo rigorous reference and background checks, health examinations, and criminal background checks.
We are open Monday through Friday 6:00AM – 6:30PM.

Parent Testimonials

"The classrooms, the play area, the bathrooms are clean & sanitized..."
Read More

Just 4 Kids Corona is truly top tier. The classrooms, the play area, the bathrooms are clean & sanitized frequently. If you are looking for a home away from home, a place for your child to cultivate a noble character, a place of happiness, then this is the place to send your child. The staff/teachers are amazing & your child will be in wonderful, caring hands. This is where your child’s journey begins.

- Fino

"They offer a lot of additional activities out of the curriculum like family fridays..."
Read More

I visited just4Kids and spoke with Veronica the director I immediately felt at ease which was a very big role in why I chose just 4 kids! The school itself is very clean. I really love that they offer a lot of additional activities out of the curriculum like family Fridays and their summer program! They offer an app where all communication can be done regarding your child, the school, and anything going on at school. I would 100% recommend Just 4 Kids!

- Alyssa Chacon

"They have fun activities in which parents can participate..."
Read More

J4K has been such a blessing to our family. Our son started attending the Hesperia location back in February. Staff is very friendly, professional and caring. My son can't wait to get to school every morning. Everyday he is greeted with a sweet smile of one of his teachers. We get pictures and updates several times a day. They have fun activities in which parents can participate. His social skills have improved significantly. We couldn't be more thrilled. We are so grateful for EVERYONE at J4K. ❤️❤️❤️

- A. Smith

"All of the staff is always friendly and works with my son to ensure he’s developing..."
Read More

Just 4 kids - Corona has been an exceptionally great experience for both my son and us as parents. All of the staff is always friendly and works with my son to ensure he’s developing the right set of personal characteristics and education needed. They use a phone application (brightwheel) and update us on it throughout the day everyday. We get to see his smiling face when he’s at school while doing activities or playing. Thank you for all you do!!

- Ayy Dee

"School is secured with locked doors, screening child drop off/pickups..."
Read More

Wonderful School! Great Staff!! J4K has a great setup! School is secured with locked doors, screening child drop off/pickups. With the use of their Brightwheel app, daily activities such as Food, Naps, Potty, Play activities can be tracked throughout the day. Healthy In-House meals are provided which gives the children a variety of healthy eats throughout the week! Stimulating and hand on learning makes for an exciting environment for the kiddos. I absolutely love this school. 😀

- Kim Peralta

"The staff welcomed my son with open arms and walked him through every challenge..."
Read More

Just 4 Kids Childcare is nothing short of amazing. They are very caring, attentive, and supportive. The staff welcomed my son with open arms and walked him through every challenge he faced. They never gave up on him and for that I will forever be grateful. They continued to develop and learn age-appropriate skills. I will forever be grateful for the hard work they have put in while working with my children. Thank you to all the staff for all that you guys have done and will continue to do.

- Brandi McKinney

"The teachers really care to make the kids comfortable and encourage them..."
Read More

Just 4 kids is genuinely is a caring and understanding Childcare. Our son was not comfortable with any day care before then and by the time he was going into kindergarten he was comfortable and even excited to go to “school” With them. The teachers really care to make the kids comfortable and encourage them to push their boundaries. Really a good place that wants the best for your kids!

- S Monica

"I highly recommend this place! Safe, secured, and clean..."
Read More

I’m so grateful for Ms Taylor, Ms Jennie, and all the staff at J4K! I’m a new mommy and I love their daily pictures, activities, or even when they report concerns to me. My daughter started attending being shy and needed help with the potty. Thankfully she is now social and no more accidents in forever! I truly appreciate everything you do for my daughter. She adores all of you! Our evenings conversations are always about Ms Taylor 💕I highly recommend this place! Safe, secured, and clean!

- Gloria Ascencio

"Our little girl is doing so well and the staff are all super friendly..."
Read More

My son went to Just 4 Kids for Pre-k and Kindergarten, and he loved it there! Miss Jennie was a great teacher, and she made learning fun for him. She also went above and beyond for the kids! Academically, I think the program was excellent! It helped him to pick up on things quickly. They used Abeka for Kindergarten which was easy to understand but also challenged him. It was nice, because he retained what he was learning. And of course, the indoor and outdoor playgrounds were his favorite!

- Joe Robertson


Parent Testimonials

"It is a friendly, safe and clean school"
My Niece, Nephew and both my sons attended Just 4 Kids Preschool. Everyone there treated us like family. My boys loved it and had a great bond with they're teachers and staff. It is a friendly, safe and clean school. I would recommend Just 4 Kids Preschool to all my friends and family.
Jen W.
"It is always clean, organized and full of fun"
Everyone at this school works really hard and wonderfully together to make sure that every student is cared for and safe. Everyone does their part to together to make this school the best of the best. It is always clean, organized and full of fun; as well as educational.
Raelina C.
"Their love for the children really shows"
One of the best preschools up here that cares and appreciates their staff. I’ve worked there on and off over the years and can tell Ms.Candy really cares for her staff and has helped me out in the past and I will never forget that. Their love for the children really shows.
Donna B.

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