An Exceptional Early Childhood Experience

Exploring and Discovering a Dynamic A Kid-Sized Town Every Day

An Exceptional Early Childhood Experience

Exploring and Discovering a Dynamic A Kid-Sized Town Every Day


Our “Tiny Town” Is Designed With Kids In Mind

Imagine your child thrilled to attend preschool every day, excited to clamber over the giant indoor climber, and explore the lifelike, child-sized town. Each area of their environment has been thoughtfully crafted, and includes:
  • The Computer Alley - with working tablets for kids to learn
  • The Tiny Town Grocery - kid-sized grocery store and kitchen
  • The Library - Lots of books for children to enjoy
  • The Toy Store - a hands-on play area
  • Fire Station 51 - which serves as the School's Restrooms
  • The Just-4-Kids Cafe - complete with a full-size kitchen
  • The Town Park - our indoor climbing structure

2 Separate, Outdoor,
Gated Playgrounds

Our separate playgrounds are designed so that children can safely explore and develop their many budding physical skills. One area is designed for children ages 3 to 5, with low climbers, slides, and tricycles. The other is designed for children ages 5 and up, and has more challenging climbers and slides, as well as larger tricycles and scooters for developing muscles.

Half an Acre For Outdoor Sports and More

Movement is so important for your ever-growing child. Soccer, Football, and Baseball are but a few of the sports your child can get an early start playing on our grassy open field. Learning the basics of such team sports young means your child can play and practice more while developing a lasting love for exercise.

Just 4 Kids - Hesperia 1 (Preschool & School Age)


Ms. Jennie

Preschool Director

Ms. Kristin

Operations Manager

Ms. Ana

Preschool Assistant Director

Ms. Raelina

Preschool Lead Teacher

Ms. Jessica

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Verenise

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Melissa

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Brigida

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Erica

Support Staff

Ms. Amanda

Support Staff

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24 Months)

(2’s & 3’s:
Non-Potty Trained)

(3’s, 4’s & 5’s:
Potty Trained)

(5 Years Old)

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