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Guiding Your Child as They Learn New Concepts and Forge New Relationships

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Truly Like Family

Our friendly and caring staff, safe campus, and clean classrooms are a nurturing space where children are free to explore and learn through academic curriculum, arts, and plenty of play. Here, we’re family.
Happy mother and her cute toddler son and daughter at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA
Babies toddlers playing with colorful educational toys together with mothers in children nursery playroom at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA

Expert Instruction

Our teachers’ expert instruction and genuine love of children make them thrive. Our instructors give your child the one-on-one guidance and any help they might need, from a quick cuddle to a number count.

Budding Socio-Emotional Skills

Group activities highlight the power of sharing and collaboration. Your child will love building their first friendships while our expert team ensures your child learns and applies social concepts like sharing, self-regulation, and respect.
Happy cute little preschool girl wearing pink sweatshirt playing on monkey bars at the playground at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA
Cute little toddler child painting with paintbrush and colorful paints. Adorable baby girl drawing on white paper near window in light room at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA

Children Learn Letters, Numbers, And More With Frog Street©

Your child has guidance, tools, and resources to soar in the classroom down the line. Teachers use Frog Street© curriculum to help them develop pre-reading and pre-math skills, preparing them for academic success.

An Enriching
Educational Program

The engaging Frog Street© curriculum sets up the scaffolding necessary to build upon as your child learns new, more challenging concepts. For toddlers, it lays the foundation for language and applied logic through reading, math, and play. Children get a jump start on learning as they cover: 

  • phonics
  • counting
  • pre-writing
  • pre-reading
  • letter recognition
  • shape recognition
Adorable cute beautiful little baby girl playing with educational wooden music toys at home or nursery. Toddler with colorful xylophon. Happy healthy child having fun. Kid learning skills at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA

Dance and Music Enhance Learning and Memory

It’s scientifically proven: Music and motion enhance memory, necessary math skills, creativity, and self-regulation and are a daily part of our curriculum. Plus, it’s fun!

Team Sports Teach
Important Lessons

We’re equipped for Baseball, Soccer and more so your child can learn new games, how to work together, have fun, and move that body!
African american preschool boy looking at the soccer ball while in the field next to the soccer goal at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA
Winking preschool kid boy playing on the sand at a playground at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA

Outdoor Play is Essential, and We Have You Covered

We know that at this crucial age, play is at the heart of learning. That’s why we have such a variety of ways for them to challenge their growing bodies and have fun. Ample outdoor space is where they enjoy fun play structures and play sports like Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, and Football at some locations. Outdoor play is vigorous exercise and great fun.

Daily Communications to Your Phone

We know you miss your little one and want to know what they’re up to. We have an app for that! You’ll receive daily pictures of them and accounts of the day’s activities.
Portrait of cute baby boy in cot holding a toy block, childhood development educational at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA
A front view of small toddler girl on birthday party outdoors in garden in summer at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA

An Extended Family

We believe part of how we build relationships with your child is connecting with the whole family. Look forward to invitations to our Christmas and Holiday events, Thanksgiving, Mother’s and Father’s Day parties, Halloween activities, and Easter egg hunt.

Field Trips Create New Opportunities for Learning

There’s a whole world out there, and we look forward to exposing your child to new experiences. Twice a week in the summer, we visit educational destinations like the zoo, library, and museum where they’ll see, touch, read, and learn.
Wooden direction sign board of animals at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA
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Home-Cooked Meals Fuel Learning and Play

Delicious meals and 2 snacks are prepared in-house, are nut-free, and will include options like a ham or turkey sandwich with peas and craisins. We don’t do dyes, nuts, or unnecessary sugars. Our weekly meals are posted at the school.

Governed by Basic Principles of Trust

Our teachers understand that without the relationship, learning can’t happen. Our loving, ardent, and experienced staff will nurture those relationships while guiding your developing child as they navigate and implement new concepts and emotions.
Cute preschool little girl smiling wearing a blue paper graduation hat while in the playground at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA

Parent Testimonials

"I can't thank these wonderful ladies enough for the peace of mind."
My family has been here since 2006. My son has been through all stages from infant to school age and my daughter will follow in his footsteps My baby girl loves her school and I never worry that she's not being loved enough. I can't thank these wonderful ladies enough for the peace of mind I have daily. We love you!!! ♡
Naomi K.
"They are truly like family to us"
Just 4 Kids Preschool/Just-4-Toddlers is an amazing preschool with wonderful teachers. I felt comfortable dropping him off from the very first day due to the amazing staff. I, like my son have grown to love each and every one of his teachers. They are truly like family to us
Jackie J.
"The staff are all amazing"
Got to say this is the top notch preschool my nieces go here all they do is brag about the teachers and the playground.
James S.

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