Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Your Child Exceeds Academic and Social Expectations When They Get There

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Safety First

Our 24/7 recorded cameras and badge-only school access are safety features that never take a break and that parents love. 

3D rendering illustration of security camera in classroom at school. CCTV camera monitoring children protection concept at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA
Preschoolers doing an art project cutting colorful flower shaped design on a cut paper plates at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA

A Blend of Educational Rigor and Fun

Creative curriculum© guides your child’s grasp on reading, writing, numbers, and logic. Children get kindergarten-ready as they cover the skills needed to become independent, thoughtful learners while engaging their imagination in a fun and engaging way.

Our “Tiny Town” with Toy Store and Cafe

The preschool imitates a tiny town where students can role play, dress up, and fully engage their imagination. It boasts a library, fire station bathrooms, full-size “little kitchen,” toy store, and café. Here, kids get an interactive learning experience about how the world works.
engaging artistic design of the preschool classroom at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA
Group of little girls playing in an indoor playground t a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA

Daily Physical Play Builds Bodies and Brains

Learning crucial concepts on the playground allows children to explore, express, and discover.
One of our playgrounds, for ages 3 to 5, features low climbers, slides, and tricycles. The other, for ages 5+, challenges children as they negotiate strategies for climbing, zip down slides, and ride larger tricycles and scooters.

Sand Play, Tricycles, Riding Toys and More

From sand play to tricycles, to a “rock wall” with slides, our large, shaded playground offers endless opportunities for play. A misting system on the porch is a luxurious feature that keeps kids cool on warmer days.
Two little preschool kids on a wooden DIY seesaw on the playground at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA
Colorful plastic indoor playhouse with slide at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA

Giant Indoor Climber

Specifically designed to target the physical needs of your developing child, this larger than life climbing feature invites them to run, crawl, climb, jump, and challenge their strength.

Open Spaces for Physical Play

A large outdoor field is where children enjoy play structures and play Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, and Touch Football at some locations. It’s where your child learns the value of working as a team, moving their bodies, applying game strategies, and having fun.

gated and fenced little playhouse in the school yard beside an old tree at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA
handsome young father in police uniform putting police cap on sons head at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA

Visits from Local Professionals

Dentists, doctors, firefighters, and police officers are regular visitors at our school who share personal stories about what they do and why it’s important. Creating a connection with their community and a deeper understanding of professions inspires young children to envision what is possible for them in the future.

Field Trips Expose Little Ones to New Experiences

Twice a week during the summer, local field trips introduce our little learners to educational places like the zoo, library, or museum, because we know that learning isn’t limited to the classroom.
Children watching a horse at a stable at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA
Happy mom and daughter wearing a dotted dress for mom and flower printed dress at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA

Events and Family Fun

As our teaching partners, families are invited to our Christmas and Holiday events, Mother’s and Father’s Day celebrations, Thanksgiving, Halloween activities, and Easter egg hunt.

Daily Reports and Pictures

Wondering what your little one is up to, what new friends they’ve made, or what activity they’re diving into? Our free communication app lets us answer those questions seamlessly. Expect daily pictures of your child and an account of the day’s activities.
Happy mom and daughter both wearing glasses at the school yard at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA
Group of parents eating together on a buffet , with salad, and pasta on a tray foil at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA

Tasty and Nutritious Home-Cooked Meals and Snacks

Our certified, in-house chef prepares meals and 2 snacks daily, like chicken salad with corn and apple wedges for lunch and oatmeal for breakfast. No food dyes or unnecessary sugars added to our recipes, and we’re nut-free. View our weekly menus on our in-house screen panel.

Guided by Principles of Honesty and Respect.

Our empathetic teachers understand that treating others with the respect and honesty they deserve is the scaffolding example they’ll need to build healthy, life-long relationships.
Happy mom and daughter both wearing glasses with a baby stroller at the school yard at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA
Group of preschool kids in the table working with stickers and putting them on paper and drawing at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hesperia, CA

Trust Lies at the Core of our Teaching

Our caring and experienced teachers know that curriculum alone doesn’t lead to learning; it’s the relationship beneath that allows that to happen. Our teachers appreciate each child’s unique personality while holding each to high expectations, so they reach their full potential.

Parent Testimonials

"It is a friendly, safe and clean school"
My Niece, Nephew and both my sons attended Just 4 Kids Preschool. Everyone there treated us like family. My boys loved it and had a great bond with they're teachers and staff. It is a friendly, safe and clean school. I would recommend Just 4 Kids Preschool to all my friends and family.
Jen W.
"They are truly like family to us"
Just 4 Kids Preschool/Just-4-Toddlers is an amazing preschool with wonderful teachers. I felt comfortable dropping him off from the very first day due to the amazing staff. I, like my son have grown to love each and every one of his teachers. They are truly like family to us
Jackie J.
"The staff are all amazing"
Having both of my children attend Just 4 Kids Preschool when they were younger was such a great experience and now that I can be apart of this amazing team makes it even more exciting. The staff are all amazing and watching how they interact with all the kids is just the cherry 🍒 on top!!!
Melissa F.

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