Keeping Your Child
Healthy & Happy

With Our Rigorous Cleanliness Practices


Smaller Class Sizes Helps Minimize The Risk Of Spread

Thanks to classrooms that have lower class ratios, this helps minimize the risk of spreading germs throughout the center. Feel comfortable that your child is around the same friendly faces daily, ensuring their groups stay healthy and happy.
Smaller Class Sizes Helps Minimize The Risk Of Spread
Your Parent App Communicates Medical Concerns For You Easily

Your Parent App Communicates Medical Concerns For You Easily

Stay up to date and in the loop about everything happening during your child’s daily adventures. Teachers update you in real time regarding any medical or wellness concerns so you’re able to make decisions that encourage your child’s well-being.

Proper Handwashing, Sneezing, & Coughing Etiquette Daily

Teachers go above and beyond to consistently promote and encourage proper hygiene. From teaching proper handwashing to coughing etiquette, your child learns how to keep themselves safe from germs and respect their peers around them.
Proper Handwashing, Sneezing, & Coughing Etiquette Daily
Hourly Sanitization Routines For Ultra-Clean Classrooms

Hourly Sanitization Routines For Ultra-Clean Classrooms

Teachers take their time to ensure all learning materials, toys, and classrooms remain sanitary. From diligent scrubbing to rigorous cleanliness standards, your child enjoys a sparkling fresh learning environment daily.

Staff Education For Proper Health Practices & Standards

You love knowing your child’s teachers undergo mandatory and continuous training that equips them with the knowledge and tools to handle health concerns in the center. Including basic health, hygiene practices, and more, your child’s well-being is in capable hands.
Staff Education For Proper Health Practices & Standards

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All businesses that participate and are approved to be a COVID-Compliant Business Partner are recognized for their commitment to public health and safety by the County of San Bernardino.


Our top priority is ensuring the safety, health, and well-being of our students, staff, and families. We have existing policies and protocols in our daily operations to ensure everyone’s safety. On top of these, we have upgraded policies & protocols we will implement effective Monday, March 16, 2020, to combat and mitigate the COVID19 virus outbreak in our preschool.

Families and Staff are taught and required to:

  • To wash hands frequently & thoroughly with soap (minimum of 20 seconds).
  • Cover your mouth and nose if / when sneezing or coughing. 
  • Refrain from touching your own nose, mouth and eyes. 
  • Refrain from touching each other or sharing items.
  • Bring extra pairs of shoes for school use only. 
  • Minimize bringing in personal belongings to school.
  • Encourage the use of facemasks to students 2 years of age and older. J4K is providing washable face masks to our students. These facemasks are washed daily in our premises. 

Staff are required to:

  • Thoroughly spray disinfectant on surfaces, handles, shared objects (such as pens, markers, etc) regularly throughout the day, using directions printed on disinfectant labels to ensure proper use.
  • Include the 3 basic best practices, ie, wash hands with soap, cover mouth / nose if sneezing/ coughing, no touching in our weekly lesson plans, including the real world experience of doing these best practices with the kids.
  • Teach and encourage students to allow physical distancing between each other in the classroom & play area whenever possible.
  • Use facemasks whenever feasible and possible.
  • Practice physical distancing during break time, meetings and small gatherings of staff. 
  • Send students home if it appears they may have a fever or flu-like symptoms.
  • Wellness check each staff and student when they come into the building. Wellness includes no contact temperature check, visual signs of cough, colds, sore throat or shortness of breath. 
  • Wellness check is to be repeated every two hours of the day. 
  • Review and retake our online courses on the following:
    • Basic Health and Hygiene Practices for the Early Childhood Setting.
    • Preparing for an Influenza Pandemic.


If your child is showing any possible COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, aches, sore throat, diarrhea), or if you have any of these symptoms, please stay home! We are asking everyone to think of the health of the community as you decide whether to go to places where you are in close contact with others. If your child is sick, stay home. If you are sick, have a healthy adult take them to school. Ideally if there is anyone in your home that is showing symptoms, all should stay home.


We are limiting the entry of non-staff adults in our main building. Parents and guardians are only able to drop their kids from our main doors. Effective Monday, April 6, 2020, parents and guardians will not be allowed access even to our main lobby. Our main entrance doors will remain locked the entire day. We have installed doorbells in our buildings to let you in for drop off and pick up. 

Our childcare management app, Brightwheel, which we use to sign in and sign out kids has a no contact sign in / out. All you need to do is scan the QR code posted on our main doors to sign in / out your child. Please watch this YouTube video on how easy it is to do your sign in / out process. Please make sure that you have the Brightwheel app installed on your smart phones.

In order to ensure that we keep a sanitized environment, we ask that you refrain from having your child bring personal belongings that are not needed for the day.

  • No personal blankets will be allowed to be brought for your child. Your child is assigned a blanket that is washed and sanitized daily.
  • We ask that you bring an extra jacket for your child that we can keep in school until this pandemic is behind us. We will wash and sanitize this extra jacket regularly for your child.
  • If your child has an extra pair of shoes that we can keep in school, please bring them in. We will have them use this pair of shoes instead of the shoes they have when they are dropped. We will keep these shoes sanitized and washed regularly.

Per the newest CDC guidelines and recommendation of wearing masks in public, we are issuing your kids and our staff handmade face masks to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. These masks will need to stay in school at the end of each day for washing and sanitation.

Our childcare management app, Brightwheel, will be our tool to issue invoices and collect payments. Effective June 1, 2020, we are implementing an Auto Pay payment process for all families enrolled with us. 

  • Yes, we have enough food supplies. However, due to basic food necessities running out of stock from local grocery stores, please note that there may be changes to our menu without prior notice to parents. Please be assured that our menus are still guided by USDA’s Daily Nutrition recommendations. 
  • We have enough cleaning & disinfecting supplies. We have made advanced order to our suppliers for some low supply cleaning supplies. In the event that we will have shortage of any of our cleaning supplies, we will ask the help of the community & parents to source these out for us and buy it in exchange. We will keep you posted for any developments. 
  • Please make sure that you have already downloaded our childcare management app, Brightwheel, and have already signed up to get our updates and announcements.

If you have not done so, like us on Facebook and get our announcements and posts. Like us at

Visit our COVID19 Updates on our website for the most recent updates and announcements.

While we do typically follow school districts for decisions such as weather emergency closures & holidays, we do not plan to strictly follow if school districts in the community decide to close. We plan to follow our increased prevention protocols mentioned in these FAQs unless the criteria below is met.

    • If any civil authority will require us to close. This can come from the Federal, State, County or City government as well Community Care Licensing Office, who regulates all Child Care and Preschools across California.

We want to make sure that we are able to provide service to our families and parents during these instances where it is most needed. We have an emergency plan in case of a mandatory shutdown.

While education is our primary responsibility, we believe that we are also the access point to critical social services for our students and families, especially the “Essential Workers”. Many of our families rely on our school and staff for basic needs, including regular meals, health care, and childcare. Additionally, if we close our schools, many employees who are providing vital services in health and safety in our communities would have to stay home with their children, meaning vulnerable families are at a higher risk of being negatively impacted. A decision to close schools is always a last resort. Closing schools would be done with great care, transparency, and in partnership with public health. If public health determines schools should close before we hit the threshold outlined by the civil authorities, we will.

Due to the rising community spread of COVID19, we have made a decision to shut down classrooms where potential exposures occur. This is an effort to help the community in mitigating the spread of the virus. We will be shutting down exposed classrooms for 14 days per CDC’s guidelines on quarantine. Please refer to this CDC Quarantine Guidelines.

Per our Financial Agreement and Parents Handbook, no credit or refunds given for days that the center is closed. We understand however that we are in an unprecedented situation; thus, please be guided with our Tuition Guidelines below should Just 4 Kids Preschool be unable to operate. 

We understand that some families may be experiencing a change in work situation and/or income during this time. Please understand that the livelihood of our teachers and staff is contingent upon tuition remaining fairly constant.  Abiding by this plan will allow us to continue to temporarily pay our hard-working teachers and increase the likelihood that they will be here when things are back up and running. We want your children to be able to return to the same teachers and high-level program that they left.

Per CDC guidelines, it is not required to take a COVID19 test after your 14 days quarantine. If you are not experiencing any COVID19 symptoms during your quarantine and have followed CDC’s quarantine guidelines, you do not need to take a COVID19 test prior to coming back to school.

We have a Virtual Preschool program for all families who wish to continue the learning process of their children while we are on Stay Home order and / or shut down face to face classrooms. You can find our Virtual Preschool program in our website –

Parents are ultimately responsible for their children’s health and safety, including whether to send their children to school during a health scare. Our parent handbook requires a paid 2 week notice to drop attendance.