March 15: Covid-19 Letter to Parents

March 15, 2020,

Dear Parents & Guardians:

It is a bit surreal that this is our third letter to all of you in a span of less than two weeks! This current pandemic, as well as the disruption to our daily lives is changing by the minute. We want to make sure that our team and I are communicating enough to you and keep everyone updated with what is happening in our school operations, and on how Just 4 Kids Preschool can provide value in preventing the spread of this virus in the community.

We will continue to closely monitor the most recent developments on the COVID-19 outbreak. This remains a fluid situation and we are prepared to act quickly should any development either publicly, or specific to our school, dictate action. We have met with our leadership team last week and reviewed our crisis management plan. The health and welfare of our student body and families is our primary focus.

We have a list of FAQs in our parent corner relative to this pandemic. Be assured that we will err on the side of over-communicating than not at all. These FAQs will be updated accordingly as we deem necessary.

Like what we mentioned in our second letter, this is a team effort! If we all do our part and roles, we will all come out of this challenge stronger and way a lot better school for our children.


Alvin & Joy Ayusa
Just 4 Kids Preschool

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