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Our top priority is ensuring the safety, health, and well-being of our students, staff, and families. We have existing policies and protocols in our daily operations to ensure everyone’s safety. On top of these, below are the upgraded policies & protocols we will implement effective Monday, March 16, 2020.

Closed Door Policy

As we continue to put additional measures into place for the safety of our children and staff, we ask that you please be patient and understanding. Effective Monday, March 16, 2020, we will be limiting the inside of our main buildings to students and staff of Just 4 Kids Preschool.

Upon drop-off and pick-up parents will be allowed into the lobby to check the children into the system, a staff member will receive the children at the door and escort them to their assigned classroom. We ask that you stay patient as the drop-off and pick-up process may require additional time to ensure the safety of everyone here at the school.

All school activities in the next 4 weeks requesting parent participation will be suspended. 

We have also temporarily suspended any prospective parent tours for the next two weeks and will be assessed daily, thereafter. 

Wellness Check Policy

While we currently do a visual wellness check for each child during drop off, we will be checking temperature for each child, check for signs of sore throat, cough, cold or shortness of breath. Any child with a fever above 100℉ and symptoms mentioned above will be sent home immediately. 

Any staff reporting for work will be temperature checked and asked to fill out a short form to make sure no one is ill or feeling any symptoms of COVID-19. Any staff with a fever above 100℉ and symptoms mentioned above will be sent home immediately.

Any sent home staff or student with the above-mentioned symptoms will need a doctor’s note to return school. 

Do Not Come to School if You Are Sick

If your child is showing any possible COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, aches, sore throat, diarrhea), or if you have any of these symptoms, please stay home! We are asking everyone to think of the health of the community as you decide whether to go to places where you are in close contact with others. If your child is sick, stay home. If you are sick, have a healthy adult take them to school.

Ideally, if there is anyone in your home that is showing symptoms, all should stay home.

We are doing a wellness check for each dropped off child. You will be asked if anyone in the family is currently sick. If you answer in the affirmative, we will have to deny care for the day. You will be asked to initialize our wellness check sheet each day you drop off your kids.

Upgraded Cleaning Policies

Any staff who work in our buildings will be expected to follow our existing cleaning/sanitation policies while we are working on these preventative measures:

  • Handwashing upon arrival and leaving the building in addition to regular hand washing procedures.
  • Sanitizing personal work area at the end of the day including high touched areas such as:
    • Doorknobs, Work Areas, Tablets, Telephones, etc.

Yes, we have enough food supplies. However, due to basic food necessities running out of stock from local grocery stores, please note that there may be changes to our menu without prior notice to parents. Please be assured that our menus are still guided by USDA’s Daily Nutrition recommendations. 

We have enough cleaning & disinfecting supplies. We have made advanced order to our suppliers for some low supply cleaning supplies and will arrive in the next 1 – 2 weeks. In the event that we will have shortage of any of our cleaning supplies, we will ask the help of the community & parents to source these out for us and buy it in exchange. We will keep you posted for any developments. 

Please make sure that you have already downloaded our childcare management app, Brightwheel, and have already signed up to get our updates and announcements.

If you have not done so, like us on Facebook and get our announcements and posts. Like us at

Visit our Parent’s Corner on our website for the most recent updates and announcements.

While we do typically follow school districts for decisions such as weather emergency closures & holidays, we do not plan to strictly follow if school districts in the community decide to close. We plan to follow our increased prevention protocols mentioned above and stay open unless one of the criteria below are met.

    • If any civil authority will require us to close. This can come from the Federal, State, County or City government as well Community Care Licensing Office, who regulates all Child Care and Preschools across California.
    • If any staff member, student or a household member of any of our students & staff is identified as a patient under investigation or confirmed case of COVID-19, we will be suspending operations for a minimum of 1 week and will be assessed daily.

We want to make sure that we are able to provide service to our families and parents during these instances where it is most needed. We are creating an emergency plan in case of a mandatory shutdown.

While education is our primary responsibility, we believe that we are also the access point to critical social services for our students and families. Many of our families rely on our school and staff for basic needs, including regular meals, health care, and childcare.

Additionally, if we close our schools, many employees who are providing vital services in health and safety in our communities would have to stay home with their children, meaning vulnerable families are at a higher risk of being negatively impacted.

A decision to close schools is always a last resort. Closing schools would be done with great care, transparency, and in partnership with public health. If public health determines schools should close before we hit the threshold outlined by the civil authorities, we will.

We have also contacted the County of San Bernardino and California’s Child Care Licensing office, and both of these civil authorities have deemed us as “Essential” in the function of other industries fighting in the front lines and serving the community in general.


Per our Financial Agreement and Parents Handbook, no credit or refunds given for days that the center is closed. We understand however that we are in an unprecedented situation; thus, please be guided with our Tuition Guidelines below should Just 4 Kids Preschool be unable to operate. 



Less than a week closure

Tuition will be charged in full.

1 Week of Closure

Tuition will be charged in full.

2 Weeks of Closure

Tuition will be charged at 50%

More than 2 Weeks of Closure

Tuition will not be charged, and space will be held until reopened. 


We understand that some families may be experiencing a change in work situation and/or income during this time. Please understand that the livelihood of our teachers and staff is contingent upon tuition remaining fairly constant.  Abiding by this plan will allow us to continue to temporarily pay our hard-working teachers and increase the likelihood that they will be here when things are back up and running.

We are also aware that there are government initiatives currently being considered that could change this scenario for the better.  If that is the case, we will update you as soon as we have information.  

We thank you for your continued support in this matter and appreciate your understanding that if there is an interruption in care, we want children to be able to return to the same teachers and high-level programs that they left.


 With things being very fluid at this point, we will hold your child’s spot until March 29th.

Yes! You have to let us know one week before you return to work.

We are currently researching different scenarios that would reduce the disruption of student learning in the event of an extended school closure. If schools were to close for a prolonged period, we would want to provide access to online resources and help for parents / guardians in keeping their children busy and learning at the same time.

Parents are ultimately responsible for their children’s health and safety, including whether to send their children to school during a health scare. Our parent handbook requires a paid 2 week notice to drop attendance. Under the current circumstances, we will only require a paid 1 week notice to drop attendance. 

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